Puppy socialisation 

Did you know that the critical socialisation period for your dog ends by 16 weeks of age?!  Waiting until all vaccines are complete to socialize your dog is too late. During this time it is important to give your puppy the very best start in life. Your dogs safe interaction with people and other dogs is an expectation of the community. Socialisation is an essential lesson for pets to integrate with our lifestyle. Being able to take your dog to a park, beach or cafe is one of the many joys of owning a dog. To be able to do these type of activities in a  calm and friendly manner is dependant on positive socialisation in your dogs first 16 weeks of age.  Your puppy should be between the ages of 8-16 weeks old for the first class and must have had at least one vaccination 2 weeks prior to their first group class. The earlier you start the better. We will teach your puppy the skills to develop good habits for a great start in life. Some of the topics that will be covered are


  • Mouthing and biting
  • How to communicate with your puppy
  • The importance of early socialization 
  • Basic obedience
  • Puppy manners
  • Calm handing techniques
  • Toilet training
  • Crying at night
  • Parasite control
  • Nutrition 
  • Appropriate rewards
  • Finding the correct equipment to use on your puppy

If you are interested in puppy pre school classes please call DOGS of Vic 9898 2100 to make a booking.

Behaviour Modification program

A certified dog trainer will work one on one with you and your family in your home to address some of the following issues that you may be experiencing


Behavioural issues:

  • Excessive barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Pulling washing of the clothes line
  • Jumping on you or your guests
  • Aggressive towards dogs or other people
  • Resource guiding of food, toys or bed
  • Digging holes or pulling out plants
  • Fear anxiety towards people, dogs, objects, noises
  • Chewing furniture, shoes and other objects


If you are experiencing any of these problems or any other issues that you would like addressed please call Smarty Pantz Dog Training 0408 331 398 to book a consultation with a certified behaviourists

Pet Sitting 

The perfect alternative to boarding kennels

As pet owners we understand the importance of routine and one on one love and attention that our pets deserve. We can offer an alternative to the confinement of a boarding kennel providing love and care for your pets in the comfort of their own home. If you need to leave home for a business trip or a well earned holiday you can feel comfortable knowing that your pets and your house are being well cared for.

  • Our dedicated day care attendants will work independently with you.
  • They can offer you either overnight pet sitting or a daily visit 
  • Call us and we will put you in touch with one of our independent pet sitters to further discuss your requirements 

Servicing the following areas:

Eltham, Eltham North, Diamond Creek, St Helena, Briar Hill, Montmorency, Lower Plenty, Templestowe, Yallambie, Rosanna, Heidelberg, Viewbank,Macleod, Watsonia, Greensborough





Do you dream of working in a doggy day care centre?
We are not currently seeking employees however most of our staff have come to us through work placement, whist attending an animal studies course or through volunteering with us.


Work Experience (High school)

We currently do not accept high school students for work experience

Volunteering & placement

We would love to hear from you. Please send us and email detailing the following

  • Name, date of birth, address, contact phone number, your resume and a cover letter detailing why you have chosen Doggy Day Care as your chosen work placement and what part of the animal industry you would like to pursue
  • Once we have reviewed your correspondence you will be asked to come and meet us for a final acceptance of your position with us.

If you have been accepted for work experience/volunteering

  • Ensure you are punctual. Always arrive on time
  • Ensure you follow instructions given to you by the shift manager.
  • Dress code: non-slip shoes are essential. Neat casual attire. Jeans or black track pants.
  • Be friendly, polite and professional at all times
  • Be willing to get in and get your hands dirty. We have an extensive daily cleaning regime that you will be participating in.
  • Ask questions. You will learn a lot more is you ask
  • Be kind and caring to the animals in your care at ALL times

What we look for in an employee

  • An assertive person who gets on with the job at hand.
  • Be able to show initiative and be a forward thinker
  • Punctuality is extremely important. Always be on time for your shift
  • Professional, trustworthy, positive and friendly team player who communicates well with management, colleagues and clients
  • Someone who is flexible and willing to go the extra mile. If you are a clock watcher and out the door as soon as your shift finishes, then this job is not for you.
  • Driver’s license is not essential but will definitely help


How to improve your chances of working in the animal industry:

  • Volunteer as much as possible and be flexible.
  • Help a shelter. They are always in need of volunteers.
  • Do as many courses / workshops / seminars as possible. We highly recommend National Dog Trainers Federation Dog training and Behaviour course. This is a nationally recognised course that will hold you in good stead in the industry
  • Working in a Doggy Day Care centre is not all about playing with dogs. There is a lot of hard work. Be willing to get your hands dirty and work hard!


Call us on 0401 866 440 or email your expression of interest to


Doggy birthday parties

Lets Paw-ty!


Would you like to celebrate your dog's birthday with his/her day care friends?


We can help organise an awesome birthday party for your dog during their day care stay! We have all sorts of plans and tricks up our sleeves to create a fun day for your dog.


We offer a specially baked “Dog” friendly cake or pup cakes for each birthday, made fresh at a local special doggie bakery and personalised for your pet on their special day.


We will invite your dog's closest day care friends to the party, conduct birthday games with all the pups and of course take lots of photos.


We just need to know in advance what day you want the party so we can plan ahead for the event.


The birthday packages start at $50


Call and reserve a date. Your dog will love it!