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Day care benefits

  • Plenty of exercise with a fun filled action packed day
  • Remember a tired dog is a well-behaved dog
  • Mentally and physically stimulating and loads of fun
  • Develops socialization skills with dogs and people
  • Enhances their quality of life
  • Builds confidence in shy and timid dogs
  • Helps prevent destructive behaviour
  • Can reduce separation anxiety
  • Alleviates guilty feelings about leaving your dog home alone all day
  • Teaches puppies and younger dogs socialization and body language skills
  • Great for senior dogs, helps to renews vitality and cognitive function (memory, attention, knowledge)

A Day in the life of Waggy Tails

7.00am – 9.00am

Good morning!

Our day begins greeting our regular friends and welcoming new additions. We begin our temperament assessments of our new dogs by bringing them through and introducing them to our staff. They are then placed in a separate area to climatize to their new surroundings. We closely monitor them during this period and assess how they are responding to other dogs in adjacent play areas. If deemed suitable, we slowly start introducing them to other dogs. We continue to observe their behaviour throughout the day. Please note our check in time closes strictly at 9am so our dogs can settle into their groups.


Let’s get this party started!

Our 80s music is pumping, and our pawparazzi's are busy capturing the perfect shots for our social media. The energy is high whilst our pooches catch up with their friends. Your dog will be involved in castle climbing, ball games, outdoor play with a splash in the pool (weather permitting) and some one on one with their BFFs. Our staff will closely monitor the play styles to ensure all dogs are playing appropriately. During this time our staff are being run ragged keeping our dogs moving and stimulated with follow the leader, perfecting our sits and stays and working in their manners. 


Wind down

We begin giving our puppies their lunches whilst our other pooches are starting to chill from a busy morning. Some are starting to hit the sack whilst others are looking for a pre nap time cuddle.


Nap time

our lights are turned off and our music changes to doggie relaxation tunes.

Our pups get cosy for a well-earned rest


Mid-afternoon games

This time of the day we keep the minds stimulated with exposure and enrichment activities. We introduce our dogs to things they don’t see on a regular basis, to prevent these things from become something of fear. We will have some bubble fun or get the noses working with our snuffle rugs. We also work on our gate manner and recalls. Of course, there is plenty of time for snuggles and head scratches.


Home time begins

As our tired and happy hounds are waiting to be picked up the energy increase as our dogs are excited to see their hoomans. Our staff are ramping up the gate manner training and begin our extensive daily clean.


As our pooped pups are on the way home, most don’t make it out the drive way before their head hits the pillow and once home, its dinner and bed until the next Waggy Tails adventure