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dogs are family that bring us an invaluable amount of joy and love

Why Put your Dog in Day care?

  • Do you love spoiling your dog?
  • Do you hate leaving for work and looking at that sad face?
  • Does your dog love playing with doggie companions?
  • Is your dog bored?
  • Perhaps getting up to destructive behaviour whilst your away?

Dogs are social animals and canine interactions and play are a normal and healthy part of their lives from puppies to seniors. Doggy day care is both mentally and physically stimulating for dogs. You will have a happy and satisfied dog at the end of the day. We would recommend your dog attends day care anywhere from 2-4 days a week depending on their needs and activity levels. This way your pup will continue to feel comfortable and familiar with their new environment and new friends. 

So no more feeling guilty when you pick up the keys to go to work and you watch their excitement turn into sadness when you leave. Instead of them sitting at home waiting for you they will be enjoying a fun filled day of excitement and adventures with their doggy friends.