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First day

  • Our operating hours are 7am - 6.30pm
  • Check in first day: all fur-kids must be checked in no later than 8am
  • Check in ongoing: all fur-kids must be checked in no later than 9am. Late comers create disruption and change the dynamics of  the play group. This type of energy can create redirected aggression with in the group
  • Please toilet your dog prior to arriving as this gives you and opportunity to check if your dog has any stomach concerns. Dogs presenting with diarriah are not permitted to attend.
  • Check out first day: Collect your happy fur-kid at 4pm 
  • Check out ongoing: Collect by 6.20pm. We close 6.30pm
  • Your dog must be wearing either a buckle or clip collar, preferably labeled. No correction chains, harnesses or break away collars permitted, these items are a safety hazards in the day care environment.  
  • Dogs must enter and leave our facility on a lead
  • Breakfast - We recommend a light breakfast when coming to daycare and giving this 30-45 minutes prior to car travel. Due to the high energy & excitement in the mornings, dogs with to much food in their stomachs find it very difficult to keep it down. Don't be worried if your dog does not eat breakfast. It is healthy for your adult dog to miss a meal 1-2 times a week. This gives your dog a rest from food and gives their digestive tract a rest. This allows the digestive tract to fully eliminate all food and thoroughly digest what has been eaten
  • Lunch - If you dog is under 6 mths & still eating lunch, please bring this along in a labeled container.
  • Winter jackets - You are welcome to bring these in during the colder months, ensure they are labeled
  • Assessment feedback - We will call you in the afternoon to chat about your dogs assessment 
  • Should your dog not be suitable for day care and is unable to continue for the full day, you may be contacted to come and collect them
  • After passing the assessment your dog is welcome to join the Waggy Tails pack.
  • The cost for your fur-kids first day is $90 which includes a play day and our extensive assesment