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  • want to pamper your pooch? 
  • we can offer a wash and blow dry or a full groom on one of your day care days.
  • we use all natural products specifically to be safe and gentle on a dog’s skin and coat.
  • our groomer is highly trained at handling dogs of all shapes and sizes, and is able to keep your dog at ease during treatments

We use all natural Smiley dog products

  • Smiley Dog® Witch Hazel & Wild Strawberry PRO-SENSITIVE™ soap free Shampoo Cleanses & Soothes. Wild Strawberry fragrance provides a fruity, natural aroma.
  • formulated to cleanse the coat, repair minor injuries, insect bites & soothe local inflammation.
  • Addition of Glycerine re-moisturize the skin. 
  • Product is suitable for use with long-term Flea control treatments.
  • INGREDIENTS: LOW SUDS, SLS & SLES free (soap free), natural Coconut Oil derived shampoo    base contains: certified organic Witch Hazel extract, Glycerine and Wild Strawberry fragrance. Biodegradable, pH balanced for animals.
Please Note - this service is exclusive to enrolled Waggy dogs only

Wash and blow out

  • Warm Bath and massage 
  • Blow wave 
  • Nail trim and ear clean 

wash, blow out, deshed

  • Warm Bath and massage 
  • Blow wave
  • nail trim and ear clean 
  • full body deshed of undercoat (20 mins) 


 Hygiene Trim 

  • Warm Bath and massage
  • Blow wave and brush out
  • nail trim and ear clean
  • quick trim of hygiene areas

Full Trim 

  • Warm Bath and massage
  • Blow wave and brush out
  • nail trim and ear clean
  • Full body clip inc scissoring

nail trims

  • it can be challenging trying to trim your dog’s nails on your own. Dogs’ nails have a blood vessel called the “quick” which runs through the middle of their nails. If you accidently cut the quick, it can lead to bleeding and pain. Avoid the stress and leave the nail trims to our experts, who know exactly how far to file and clip nails.

anal glands

  • Is your dog boot scooting? If they are, it is probably blocked anal glands? Anal glands are scent glands and are a dogs individual scent. 
  • Normal emptying of the glands occurs when your dog poops. The poop passe over the glands producing pressure to assist emptying the glands. The purpose of this is so dogs can mark their territory. Each dog’s smell is unique. Dogs sniff each other’s poop and butts as a form of communication. They can determine if they are a friend or foe or if they have met them before.
  • Anal glands can become blocked. Some of these reasons are poor gastrointestinal health, loose or soft stools. 
  • Some symptoms of blocked anal glands are scooting their bum, foul smell, licking around the area, blood in their poop. 
  • Things you can do to prevent anal gland blockage are to maintain your dog at an ideal body weight. This will also help for other conditions like arthritis. Add fibre to your dog’s diet by feeding soft pureed pumpkin. Use caution as too much can cause diarrhea

Book and appointment with our groomer or your vet to have them expressed