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We love them like you do


Here at Waggy Tails we like to maintain transparency of communication with all our fur parents when it comes to the well being and safety of your dog. Feed back to parents is an informative assessment of their dog’s well being and not a judgement or mere observation.  Most times, feed back is positive and a pleasure to hear. Some of the times feed back may be a little more informative.

From the moment your dog is brought to Waggy Tails,  it is our responsibility to notice any changes in their behaviour or physicality, as well as ensuring they have a comfortable fun filled day.

It is well known that dogs can change any of their traits when they are maturing and growing into themselves. On occasion though, there can be a change which may raise a cause of concern. We then ensure all information is reported to parents. By communicating all concerns we know we have taken the best care of your dog’s welfare.

Each member of our staff takes into account your dog’s breed related characteristics, as well as their unique traits.

We learn about their personality, behaviour, idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes. This helps to provide your dog with the best care whilst they are with us and not treated as a number, rather as an individual. We also recognise your dog’s pattern of behaviour from when they arrive right up to when they leave.

If a behaviour change arises, our first port of call is to examine your pet for any injuries, signs of illness or weight change, monitor their toileting and water intake. We continue to monitor them closely throughout the day for any obvious physical signs such as pain or discomfort.

As doggy parents ourselves, we know how important it is for you to know about the well being of your pooch.  Therefore should any changes take place with your dog we will always give you the feedback. This ensures we have been completely transparent when it comes to communicating any concern we may have for them.

Occasionally a parent may have not noticed any of these signs in their dog or may know their dog does and act this way occasionally. Some parents even explain changes to their household which they may or may not notice has affected their dog . A change in pack dynamics at home can affect your dog for a period of time until they adjust. Just as humans have their bad days, so too can your dog.

To ensure the best care, safety and well being of your dog and adhering to our strict code of practice we will always communicate feedback to you, should the need arise.

Changes in behaviour are calls for concern as we want your dog to feel as comfortable and as stress free as possible. Just as you would notice a change in your dog, we like to ensure we provide the best care possible and attend to your dogs every concern.

It is important to also notify us if you feel your dog has a change in behaviour, or has met with unpleasant events whereby he/she won’t be themselves. We appreciate any information you may feel is important for you to tell us.

This will ensure your dog receives the best care and is a safe and happy canine!