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Will my dog be safe? Are there any risks?

Safety is our number one priority, which is why we separate our groups based on their play style and energy levels. This separation allows shyer and quieter dogs to open up to other dogs with similar play styles and to avoid feeling overwhelmed or shut down, as well as minimizing the risk of accidents from happening. We encourage a safe and positive atmosphere to ensure all dogs can play freely and comfortably.

 Proof of current vaccination C5 level is a condition of entry to our premises.

How often should my dog come to daycare?

Your dog can attend every day, a few times a week or even just one day a week to give them a day out. It's up to you whether your dog comes casually or regularly however, we recommend that a dog will be happier and better socialised by attending day care at least 1 to 2 times per week.  This way your pup will continue to feel comfortable and familiar with their new environment and new friends.

Do I need to be there on the first day?

It is better to see how your dog copes on the first day without you, so you are not required to be there. We will assess your dog, paying particular attention to their body language, how comfortable they seem and how they interact with other dogs. We will slowly introduce the staff and other dogs if suitable. Through out the day we will monitor your dogs behaviour and how they are responding to the environment. We will call you in the afternoon to discuss the assessment.

Does my dog need to be de-sexed and how old does my dog need to be?

All dogs over 1 year of age must be de-sexed and puppies are permitted 10 days following their 2nd vaccinations.

How do I enrol my dog?

Jump on the join the pack page and follow the instructions. We must receive your enrolment form/Terms and conditions form and vaccination certificate before we can confirm your assessment day

What do I need to bring?

  • Lunch if your dog is under 6 moths of age, all containers must be labeled with your dogs name
  • You will need to bring your dog in with either a buckle or clip collar No correction chains or harnesses permitted as they are a safety hazard during play 

What happens when I collect my dog?

We will give you honest feedback on how the day went. We will be able to ascertain by the end of the day if day care is suitable option for your pup. Some dogs can take a few sessions before they feel totally relaxed and enjoy the fun. If your dog loved the day and you want them to continue the fun with the Waggy Tails pack you are welcome to book in for regular days on a casual basis or you might wish to take up our discounted multi passes.

what is your cancellation policy 

Cancellations and amendments

  • The cancellation/no-show charge is the normal day rate of $60 or a draw down on an existing pre-paid package
  • If you fail to attend your booking, you will be charged the cancellation/no-show fee
  • If you regularly request changes, or fail to attend, your recurring bookings will be cancelled
  • All booking cancellations or amendments must be submitted via email or PH 8418 3937 no later than 24 hours before or the cancellation/no-show charge will apply. You cannot cancel a booking through the App.
  • All booking cancellations and amendments are subject to acceptance via reply email from Waggy tails