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Founder | Director | Business manager | Head pack leader

  • NDTF Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Dog first aid and CPR
  • Certificate IV business management

Karen has a long history of medical management, but her real passion is dogs.

Karen’s passion for dogs started as a child, when her parents surrounded her with animals from an early age.

Her beloved late English Staffie Zac was one of her driving forces in opening Waggy Tails in 2017. Working long hours in demanding roles, she was plagued with feelings of guilt, having to leave Zac home alone for up to 12 hours a day. Her dream was to create a fun place for Zac and for owners to have their dogs cared for in a safe, friendly environment where they could interreact and have fun with other dogs.

Karen has had a love and passion for English Staffordshire bull Terriers for over 35 years. She has recently welcomed a new English Staffy puppy to her family called Erik. Just as Zac did, Erik will be ready to take on the new role of head greeter and to meet everyone with a big Staffy smile and a wagging tail.

You will find Karen in reception most days and she loves to have a chat and catch up with all of the Fur-parents. Karen has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to help with any questions you might have.

Her hobbies include weightlifting with her PT, long weekend bush walks at Banyule flats and footy.  She is a passionate Port Adelaide supporter!

Karen can’t live without Coffee, Spicey Thai food and cheese and pickled onions!

Rocio aka roc 

team leader | front desk customer care | Pack leader | Pawparatzi  

  • Cert III - animal studies 
  • Animal rescue volunteer

Roc has been a volunteer at various shelters and rescue groups and finally found her niche in Doggy Day Care. Having worked for many years with animals, whilst taking care of two lovely daughters, there is nothing else Roc would rather be doing.

There is a sweet blue staffie called Kobe who is a much loved member amongst Roc’s family and every now and then Kobe gets a little cheeky just to make himself shine in the pack.

With over 10 year’s experience with dogs, Roc is a great asset to the Waggy Tails Team .

When Roc isn’t with dogs, she is remaining active by hitting the gym and going for long walks with her family pack.

Roc cannot live without Popcorn and Chocolate!!


front desk customer care | Groomer | Pack leader | Pawparatzi  

  • NDTF CERT III in Dog behaviour and training 
  • Accomplished groomer 
  • cert III in business 

From a young age she was passionate about animals. She grew up with almost every animal you could think of. Goats, chickens, birds, dogs, rats, mice, ducks, cats, kittens, puppies and more. 

Monica started her journey into the animal industry at a boarding kennel where she learnt many important aspects of the dog world which included dog behaviour, gate manners and how to effectively manage a group safely. She was also assigned to bathing dogs which then sparked her passion to start grooming.

She volunteered at a groomer as a bather and soon after was offered a part time grooming position. But that wasn’t enough, her passion to learn more was strong. She was offered a full-time position at Pet Barn working alongside a senior stylist groomer / dog trainer where she grew into an accomplished groomer. During this time, she learnt many more skills which included style grooms, grooming difficult dogs, reading dog behaviour, and handing aggressive dogs.

Monica has a strong customer service background and has a certificate III in business. She loves creating bonds with our clients. She is ecstatic that she can combine all her passions together in once place. Her customer service, grooming and love and care of dogs each and every day.

She can’t live without McDonalds ice vanilla lattes


Pack leader | ENRICHMENT & EXPOSURE GURU | Pawparatzi

  • NDTF CERT III in Dog behaviour and training 

Liam loves dogs more than anything. He is a very hard working person who loves to learn new things and enjoy being helpful to anyone in need.

Although Liam doesn’t have any formal training yet, he is learning so much from the amazing staff at Waggy Tails. Liam will start his formal training with the National dog trainer’s federation in early 2022.

Liam has worked in multiple customer service roles, ranging from hospitality, aged care and insurance maintenance. In these roles he ensured clients were comfortable and informed regularly to keep them happy and content.

Liam’s dogs name is Elly (English Staffordshire) who is the love of his life. She loves to play and meet new people.

Dogs have always been a part of Liam’s family. Prior to being born, his father worked at a dog kennel for his parents and although he wasn’t a part of it, he certainly inherited his families love of animals. His grandparents bred Labradors once they retired from having the kennels and Liam couldn’t wait to visit them for obvious reasons. Now along with Elly the family have two Labradoodles named Mia & Lexy and more recently his sister got her first staffy.

Liam loves going on new adventures with his dog Elly. They love to find new rivers to explore and hike through bushland. Interacting with wildlife is something Liam also loves to do.

Liam cannot live without iced coffee and his dog Elly.


Pack leader | Pawparatzi  

  • NDTF Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Cert II- animal studies 
  • Pet first aid
  • Animal rescue volunteer

  After 10 years of being in the corporate sector, Jess came to the realization that her passion to work with dogs must come to fruition.

Over the past two years Jess has worked with Pack dogs at various dog day cares whilst pursuing further education in Animal Studies.

Jess is an avid love of nature, so it comes as no surprise that she has done tireless volunteering at Wildlife Shelters which grew her love of animals even more.

The love of Jess’ life “Chubbs” (her English Staffie x) made his way to doggy heaven last year. It hasn’t been easy , but the Day Care dogs shine a bright light for Chubbs and help Jess along the way.

English Staffys and Bull Terriers are Jess’ favourites without a doubt but any four legged friend is a friend

Jess’s experience in animal welfare and love of dogs brings a refreshing boost to our wonderful staff and furry attendees.

Jess cannot live without Nature, Wine and Cheese.


Groomer Extraordinaire | Pack leader | Pawparatzi

  • Accomplished groomer 
  • Avid dog trainer of her beloved dog Zooko

Teagan is our groomer extraordinaire! She has 7 years’ experience in the grooming industry and knows her way around the grooming tables. We get so much fantastic feedback about her work, we are truly lucky to have her! Her dedication to the wellbeing and care of our dogs is paramount. If you have any instructions or questions regarding your groom, she is the person to speak to.

Teagan’s passion and enthusiasm for dogs also landed her a spot on the floor as one of our dedicated pack leaders. With two large dogs of her own, she knows exactly how to manage and tire the most energetic of doggos.

Teagan has many years’ experience training her own dogs and Is valuable member of the leader pack. Before Covid she would be at her training centre every weekend, formally training her Fur-kids Zooko the standard poodle and Archer the golden retriever.

Her hobbies include playing computer games, reading and walking the dogs

P.S she can’t live without are liquorice, Netflix and her fur babies.













Pack leader | Resident Clean Freak | Chief Ball Thrower

  • Certificate 2 in Animal Studies
  • Dog First Aid and CPR
  • NDTF CERT III in Dog behaviour and training 

Penny has a passion for dogs, which is good considering she has been around a whole lot of dogs since she was small! Fortunately, her Aunt took in rescue dogs to rehome, so despite not having a dog of her own she enjoyed cuddles from many different dogs that her Aunt cared for!

After a lot of begging and doing chores, Penny got her first dog Sam in 2014. Shaggy blonde Sam became the newest and cuddliest addition to her family! You can occasionally see him at Waggy Tails where he will try to get as many treats as he can from the unsuspecting day care attendants!

Penny has a passion for the BIG fluffy dogs with lots of energy, and she’s not afraid to jump around and look ridiculous to get them to play!

You probably won't see Penny out the front very much, but behind the scenes she is so incredibly close to each one of our fur members and has an incredible attention to detail. Penny excels in trying to make your dog EXHAUSTED by playing and interreacting with all the beautiful dogs who come to Waggy Tails. If you do happen to catch her out in reception, she will try her best to help you out with any questions you might have.

Her hobby’s include cooking, bushwalking and meeting new dogs who she can cuddle.

PS she can't live without her morning cup of coffee, a good long walk & chocolate


Pack leader | Cuddle Queen | Noodle Dog Enthusiast

  • NDTF CERT III in Dog behaviour and training 

Anneliese has always been obsessed with dogs. She was the kid at the party who played with the dog the whole time. She is currently completing her Cert III in Behaviour and training with National Dog Training Federation.

Anneliese has two gorgeous whippets! Old man Jasper is 15 and loves a nice warm blanket these days and Buddy is 10, he is always looking for something to play with but also wouldn’t pass a nap in the afternoon sun.

Anneliese is a captivating dancer! She has been dancing for over 15 years and can often be seen performing flawless pirouettes when encouraged! As a dancer she definitely can’t go a day without jamming out to one of her favourite songs. 

You won’t see Annelise out the front very much, she’s keeps busy giving extra ear scratches and belly rubs to your fur kids. She is especially smitten with the noodles.

Her hobbies include playing PC games, baking, compiling tik tok dances with her friends.

P.S she can’t live without both of her fur babies, sweets and a good nap, the kind where you wake up and have no idea what year it is!



Cuddle king | cleaner





Cuddle Queen | cleaner





Cuddle Queen | cleaner