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Founder | Director | Business manager | Head pack leader

  • NDTF Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Dog first aid and CPR
  • Certificate IV business management

Karen has a long history of medical management, but her real passion is dogs.

Karen’s passion for dogs started as a child, when her parents surrounded her with animals from an early age.

Her beloved late English Staffie Zac was one of her driving forces in opening Waggy Tails in 2017. Working long hours in demanding roles, she was plagued with feelings of guilt, having to leave Zac home alone for up to 12 hours a day. Her dream was to create a fun place for Zac and for owners to have their dogs cared for in a safe, friendly environment where they could interreact and have fun with other dogs.

Karen has had a love and passion for English Staffordshire bull Terriers for over 35 years. She has recently welcomed a new English Staffy puppy to her family called Erik. Just as Zac did, Erik will be ready to take on the new role of head greeter and to meet everyone with a big Staffy smile and a wagging tail.

You will find Karen occasionally in reception and she loves to have a chat and catch up with all of the Fur-parents, but these days she is busy in the office keeping the wheels turning. Karen has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to help with any questions you might have.

Her hobbies include weightlifting with her PT, long weekend bush walks at Banyule flats and footy.  She is a passionate Port Adelaide supporter!

Karen can’t live without Coffee, Spicy Thai food and cheese and crackers!


team leader | front desk customer care | Pawparatzi

  • NDTF CERT III in Dog behaviour and training beginning 2023

Jamie is a qualified hairdresser but soon discovered her passion was animals. She began her animal career as a veterinary receptionist and then became a dog day care attendant.  

Jamie has a great love of animals and has a wealth of animal experience and customer service. Jamie’s previous experience in a dog day care facility gives her vast experience in working in a pack environment.

Her awesome customer service skills come from staring work at a young age which gave her great confidence and communication skills.

She has great photography and social media skills. Make sure you check out all of the fun Instagram stories that are created by our awesome team.

Jamie has a passion for Golden retrievers. Her dog’s name is Bailey who is the love of her life, along with her partner of course. You will occasionally see this golden gentleman trotting around at waggy tails with his friends.

Jamie is a real asset to the team. you will find her in reception who loves a chat and happy to help with any of your questions

Her hobbies include reading, camping, painting, and yoga

P.S she can't live without coffee, true crime doco’s and Disney movies


pack leader | front desk customer care | Pawparatzi

  • Certificate II in Animal Studies
  • Certificate III in Captive Animals
  • Bachelor of Biological Science

Lauren comes to us with a vast amount of experience in animal behaviour.

Since her childhood years, Lauren has had a passion for animals. Over the years she has volunteered at various locations including a donkey shelter, RSPCA, and Zoos. She has also spent time volunteering overseas in Africa and Borneo 

Prior to joining us at Waggy Tails Lauren worked as a Zookeeper and tour guide at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Her specialty was working with native and exotic species.

She has beautiful family dog called Jessie, who is an elderly 13 year old Kelpie x Lab that still thinks she’s a puppy. She also has another elderly chap of 14 years old. He is a Lab x retriever named Harley. He loves a good pat and sleeping on the couch (even though he’s allowed).

With over 15 years’ experience in the animal industry, Lauren is a great asset to the Waggy Tails team.

Laurens hobbies are nature hiking and amateur photography. 

She can’t live without is music. She loves blasting out tunes, dancing around and singing out loudly





pack leader | front desk customer care | Pawparatzi


Bio to come 



Groomer Extraordinaire | Pack leader | Pawparatzi

  • Accomplished groomer 
  • Avid dog trainer of her beloved dog Zooko

Teagan is our groomer extraordinaire! She has 7 years’ experience in the grooming industry and knows her way around the grooming tables. We get so much fantastic feedback about her work, we are truly lucky to have her! Her dedication to the wellbeing and care of our dogs is paramount. If you have any instructions or questions regarding your groom, she is the person to speak to.

Teagan’s passion and enthusiasm for dogs also landed her a spot on the floor as one of our dedicated pack leaders. With two large dogs of her own, she knows exactly how to manage and tire the most energetic of doggos.

Teagan has many years’ experience training her own dogs and Is valuable member of the leader pack. Before Covid she would be at her training centre every weekend, formally training her Fur-kids Zooko the standard poodle and Archer the golden retriever.

Her hobbies include playing computer games, reading and walking the dogs

P.S she can’t live without are liquorice, Netflix and her fur babies.



Cuddle queen | pack leader in training | cleaner









Cuddle queen | pack leader in training | cleaner

  • Certificate I in Animal Studies
  • Certificate II in Animal Studies




Cuddle queen | cleaner




Cuddle queen | cleaner

  • Certificate 1 in Animal Studies

Hi I am Molly 

I have cert 1 in Animal Studies and commenting my cert 2 in 2024.
I have taken care of a lot of my family’s dogs and my own I have always had a live for animals since I was young I have always had a thing for it animal have always been my life and I love taking care of every animal that comes my way.
I have an American Staff he’s named Buddy he is still a puppy and is getting very big he is very playful and sometimes a sleepy head.  
My hobbies are Crochet, Dancing and Cooking 
I can’t live without is my family and my pets 



Cuddle king | cleaner






Cuddle king | cleaner