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Day care commitment 

  • We DO NOT accept ad hoc or fortnightly bookings.
  • We require all of our dogs to be committed to at least 1 to 2 days per week of day care.
  • This enables each dog to establish their position in their pack, understand the expectations of behaviour in a pack environment and also continue to feel comfortable and familiar with their new environment and new friends. Your dog will be happier and better socialized.
  • Dogs that attend on an ad hoc basis are often either highly anxious, forget what is expected of them or exhibit unwanted behaviours like barking, mounting, bullying or rough play. 

The benefits and importance of your dog ATTENDING ON their regular dayS

Dogs thrive on routine and regularity of familiar packs. This helps to maximise their enjoyment of play, and feel comfortable playing with their like minded buddies.  Their confidence improves and their environment feels safe and secure.

  • Here at Waggy Tails we highly recommend having regular days each week for your pup to receive the full benefits of day care. 
  • Interaction between mixed breed packs on a regular basis eliminates hostile behaviours along with a safe and secure environment.
  • When your dog has scheduled regular days it assists us to better staff our dogs by knowing the pack dynamics for each day.  This will ensure easier planning of activities and reduce risks of unpredictable behaviour.
  • Our staff are able to introduce extra activities as there is a known familiarity of the group dynamics which creates extra fun time rather than corrections having to take place. 

Let us say Rover regularly attends daycare on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and he changes to a Tuesday  & Thursday. It not only upsets the dynamic of the Tuesday and Thursday packs but can make Rover lose all confidence in a pack which could result in unpredicatable behaviours.  This could also change Rover’s association with daycare. It is best for  Rover to arrive knowing his regular friends are there and he is familiar with all in his pack.

We understand there are times where you will have to change days on the odd occasion however, we highly recommend all dogs maintain their regular days to maximise enjoyment and minimise unpredictable behaviours.