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Why we are different

Our friendly and experienced carers

have a genuine compassion for both dogs and their humans

Safe, fun & positive atmosphere

in an Indoor and outdoor facility. Our outdoor play area consists of  hygienic astro turf, play equipment, cosy kennels to chill out, a splash pool for our water lovers and a shade sale for those sunny days. 

We maintain the strict guidelines of the code of practice

"domestic animals act 1994" and we are very proud of the facility that we are able to provide

Positive reinforcement training & supervision methods

ensure all dogs learn to play politely.

Nap time

It is important for our dogs to rest after a morning of high energy and play with their friends so we have structured rest time. All stimulation is removed from the play area, lights are turned off and doggy relaxation music is played so our pups can have a well-earned rest before the afternoon fun begins. To assist with relaxation, we diffuse essential oils in our daycare areas, to promote a balanced and soothing environment.

We constantly keep our dogs moving and stimulated

You wont see our pack leaders sitting down! We are forever on the move, ensuring our groups are safe,  whilst challenging their minds and working on their manners. We are constantly thinking of new ideas to keep our dogs stimulated. There are plenty of enrichment activities and exposure activities throughout the day to keep their minds ticking over. 


We have structured groups

Dogs have many different personalities. Dominant, confident, submissive, high energy, medium energy, low energy, reactive etc. It takes a lot of management to structure our groups appropriately to ensure we have the right balance of personalities in each group.  This provides each dog a fun and most importantly safe group to socialise and play with. Changes to regular groups, causes a change in the dynamics and can create hostile and unpredictable behaviours.

We do not accept dogs on an adhoc basis

Dogs thrive on routine and regularity of familiar packs. Your dog must be committed to a minimum of 1 day a week. It is important having regular days each week for your pup to receive the full benefits of day care. Interaction between mixed breed packs on a regular basis eliminates hostile behaviours along with a safe and secure environment. Our staff are able to introduce extra activities as there is a known familiarity of the group dynamics which creates extra fun time rather than corrections having to take place