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Moving house can be stressful for your dog

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15:26 PM

Dogs are creatures of habit. When their daily routines are disrupted or moved from their familiar environment, this can cause substantial stress and anxiety. You may have noticed your dog getting nervous the last time you pulled out a suitcase for a trip. Imagine how they’ll act when the whole house is being packed up

When you are moving home, remember this can be quite traumatic for our furry friends. There are a number of things you can do to make this process a little less stressful


Before you start packing have your boxes and bubble wrap in the house for a while so your dog can get used to them.

Whilst you are packing try and keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible. Go for your regular walk or playtime together outside.

Along with packing your own essential items you know you’ll need easy access to within the first few days of moving, be sure to also pack an essentials bag for your dog. This way, you’ll know exactly where to look for food and water bowls, toys, treats, and anything else pet-specific when you move in.

Before you move

familiarise your dog to your new area. Go for walks around the new neighbourhood. Remember to let them use their senses and smell their new environment. Do this a few times before you move into your new home.  

 Ways to help your dog adjust to their new home.

Set up your dog’s bed, blankets, toys, and a bowl of fresh water, so they have a nook with familiar and comforting smells and items that they can retreat to. This will go a long way toward easing stress and keeping your dog comfortable. Keep up with the normal routines. So, if your dog is used to getting up, going into the yard, eating breakfast and then going on a walk, try to follow that same routine in the new place.

Your new home many have many things your dog has never encountered before. You many have slippery floorboards, tiles or stairs. The outside surfaces may be different from your previous home. Don’t force your dog onto areas if they are apprehensive about it. Use positive reinforcement methods to slowly desensitise them to these surfaces and spaces.

Remember to pet proof your new home. Ensure there are no gates or fences they can escape from, and pool and spa fences are secure. If you are moving into an apartment, be sure to check that the balcony is secure with no gaps they can squeeze through, also there is nothing your dog can climb up to and over from.

Leaving your dog alone

Being in a new environment alone can be very frightening for your dog. Don’t leave them alone straight away. Give them some time to settle in before leaving them alone for extended periods of time. Start with leaving for short spurts and slowly extend the time. Leave the radio or tv on, leave some interactive puzzles and toys and another great idea is to scatter some treats around the house and yard. Home cameras are a perfect idea not only for security purposes but to check on your dog to see how they are managing with your absence.